Anna Zakrzewska - Revitalization

The multifaceted nature of architectural creativity, covering everything from urban planning through the design of buildings, interiors, exhibitions and trade fairs, as well as design of furniture and social space, represents the very essence of architecture, that is the organization and development of socially useful space. Its structural coherent whole, that includes both the interior and external form – much like negative and positive - defines its value as a complex work, that is inextricably linked to the development of civilizations and cultures.

Having identified these connections, The Academy of Film Art and Design was the first in Poland to form a didactic process that gives equal treatment to all of the various forms of architectural creativity, when preparing students for the profession of architect. Extensive knowledge in the field of humanities, technology and culture, when applied in spatial organization and design, will guarantee both a proper interdisciplinary as well as specialist education provided by the individual departments. Computer and multimedia techniques used in the implementation of design exercises ensure an education that meets current professional design standards.
The top awards gained in prestigious competitions and the professional achievements of our students and graduates, show the effectiveness of the adopted didactic program.

Department of Interior Architecture

Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design - 3-year course
full-time and part-time studies

  • Designing interiors of single-family and multi-family houses
  • Designing interiors of service buildings
  • Designing interiors of public buildings
  • Interior design for historical renovation projects
  • Designing of exhibitions and fairs, set designs
  • Designing of furniture

Graduates receive a Bachelor’s Degree diploma in Interior Design.

Course also include humanities studies, technical and other supplementary studies such as history of art and architecture anatomy and biomechanics, ergonomics, materials science, construction and building structures, economics and investment issues, language courses and PE.